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Catalyze Your Growth Trajectory with our B2B Inside Sales Solutions

Lead Generation and Qualification

We employ proven methodologies to generate high-quality leads tailored to your target audience. Our skilled inside sales professionals use a combination of research, prospecting, and lead nurturing techniques to identify and qualify prospects who are most likely to convert into valuable customers.

Sales Pipeline Management and Reporting

Our B2B inside sales services include meticulous sales pipeline management. Using advanced CRM tools, we track and analyse sales activities, providing you with comprehensive reports and insights. It enables you to monitor the progress of your sales campaigns, identify potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales performance.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Our B2B inside sales services encompass account-based marketing strategies. We identify key target accounts and personalize our sales approach to align with their specific needs and preferences. By tailoring our messaging and outreach efforts, we increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion, resulting in higher success rates.

Performance Analytics & Optimization

We believe in data-driven decision-making. Our B2B inside sales services include robust performance analytics and optimization strategies. By analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), conversion rates, and sales metrics, we identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance sales effectiveness, efficiency, and overall performance.

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As a B2B inside sales company, we have provided inside sales solutions to multiple industries. Allow us to propel your business toward success too.


In the fast-paced and ever-evolving Fintech industry, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise. Our B2B inside sales services are designed to assist Fintech companies in acquiring and retaining clients. Whether you offer digital payment solutions, block-chain technology, or financial software, our skilled inside sales team possesses the knowledge and experience to effectively communicate the value of your Fintech offerings to potential customers.


In the logistics industry, where supply chain management plays a crucial role in operational efficiency, we provide B2B inside sales services to optimize sales processes. Whether your focus is on transportation, warehousing, or inventory management solutions, our inside sales team understands the intricacies of the logistics sector. We engage with key stakeholders, logistics managers, and procurement professionals to demonstrate how your offerings can streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall supply chain performance.


The Healthcare industry is highly specialized and requires a targeted approach to sales. Our B2B inside sales services cater to various healthcare sectors, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare IT, and more. We recognize the importance of compliance, patient care, and the unique needs of healthcare professionals. With our expertise, we can effectively engage with healthcare decision-makers, showcase the benefits of your products or services, and build relationships that lead to increased sales.



Your Growth Catalysts

Kredis is a leading expert in B2B inside sales services, providing comprehensive solutions encompassing the entire sales process. We take pride in being the best B2B inside sales company in India and collaborating with businesses aiming to broaden their reach and explore opportunities in both familiar and new markets.

Our primary focus lies in fostering robust B2B relationships and expertise in content management, website optimization, and SEO services. At Kredis, we understand that every business is unique. That's why we meticulously craft tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, utilizing a well-balanced blend of inbound and outbound marketing tools.

Our goal is to empower your B2B inside sales efforts and expand your customer base while granting you greater control over customer engagement.


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Our B2B Inside Sales Process

Elevate Your Business Strategy to New Heights

Customer On-Boarding

The first stage of our B2B inside sales process involves thoroughly understanding your target market and refine your prospect list. We meticulously cleanse and validate your existing leads or conduct research to identify potential prospects that align with your ideal customer profile. By ensuring the accuracy and relevance of your lead database, we lay a solid foundation for effective inside sales outreach.

Outreach & Action

In the introduction stage, we initiate meaningful and personalized communication with your prospects. Our skilled inside sales professionals employ various channels, such as phone calls, emails, and social media, to introduce your company, products, or services. We craft compelling messages that highlight the unique value proposition and address the specific pain points of your target audience. Through engaging conversations, we aim to capture the attention and interest of prospects, establishing the groundwork for further engagement.

Lead Management

Once the initial introduction is made, we focus on nurturing relationships with your prospects. We understand that B2B sales cycles can be longer, and building trust is crucial. Our inside sales team employs a consultative approach, actively listening to the needs and challenges of your prospects. We provide valuable insights, industry knowledge, and customized solutions that showcase how your offerings can address their specific requirements. By consistently staying in touch and nurturing prospects through targeted follow-up activities, we keep your brand top-of-mind and move them closer to conversion.


The ultimate objective of our B2B inside sales process is to secure appointments between your sales representatives and qualified prospects. We identify the most promising opportunities through practical lead qualification and needs assessment. Our inside sales team schedules appointments or virtual meetings, ensuring that your sales representatives can have focused discussions with interested prospects. We facilitate smooth handoffs, providing your sales team with detailed prospect information and insights gathered during the inside sales process, enabling them to personalize their interactions and maximize the chances of successful conversions.

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What our Clients Are Saying

Hear real stories from our trusted clients

Kredis' team has helped us in a continuous flow of high-quality leads from South Asian markets. Their feedback and reporting have helped us in making this an iterative process. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Kredis.

Rohil Chadda

Head of Channels and Growth MOJRO

I worked with Kredis in two organizations. They are a bunch of really smart and hard-working folks. We collaborated with Kredis on data enrichment and validation projects, and they have helped us make a huge impact on the pipeline. Kudos to their team for doing a great job!

Manu Sreekanta

Director Marketing Rocketium

When we started expanding to international geographies, we engaged Kredis to help us with generating leads for specific international markets. They helped us in not just lead generation but also qualifying these leads at the first level before passing them on to our team for further action.

Rajul Jain

CEO Co-founder Increff

Kredis' detail to Fintech knowledge and innovative strategies has enabled us to generate quality leads in today's market. We joined hands with Kredis to establish an outbound inside sales program to help us in business lead generation. I am pleased with the positive results. The team is very personable, professional, and most importantly enjoyable to work with.

Rajesh Kanna

Head of Business Development SETU

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