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Locus Supply Chain Case Study

To change and have the enterprise prosper well in the South East Asian markets, Locus decided to partner with Kredis.

About Client

Based in Delaware, Locus is a leading platform providing automation solutions, redefining logistic operations for businesses since 2014. With a team of highly knowledgeable and adept experts, it helps tweak business performances to significant levels, with efficiency and consistency. By providing intelligent technical solutions with automated logistic operations to the industrial market, Locus has been evolving and expanding its market, obtaining and helping major commercial clients.


Set on a direction to establish its presence successfully in the global market, Locus didn’t face any problems setting up its recognition among many influential clients of North America, India, and more. Yet after several attempts, its pursuit in grasping the markets of South East Asia wasn’t very successful. To change this and have the enterprise prosper well in the South East Asian markets, Locus decided to partner with Kredis.


On analyzing the problems and challenges, our team at Kredis designed an intelligible network that made way for Locus to attain its objective. The solution battled the aforementioned challenges by using the following strategies:

  • After acquiring an in-depth understanding of Locus’s functioning and solutions, we created a list of possible clients in the market that would benefit the most from Locus’s products. These were targeted industries dealing with 3PL, Retail, House Services, FMCG, and E-commerce, etc., and greatly compatible with Locus’s current, innovative solutions.

  • The next step was reaching out to these commercial figures and making them realize these benefits. How they will make staggering profits and increase efficiency excellently on redesigning their organization using AI, with Locus’s help.

  • Kredis then reinforced these connections and broadened the layout of the target audience through LinkedIn.

  • Many a time, the inability to maintain regular and effective communication can hamper the way of business. We handled this challenge by engaging in Warm Calling these targeted enterprises and reverting to them quickly at their stipulated times.


After working on this work plan with great persistence, connecting with several industrial tycoons Kredis finally helped turn Locus victorious in its goal. Finally, Locus established its presence in the markets of South East Asia, within the very first few weeks of the pilot project. Not only that the fix provided by Kredis, but also significantly helped Locus in improving its sales rates in the markets of the USA and the Gulf countries as well.


We had an amazing experience while working with Kredis and its team. They surely know the ins and outs of business success. We think it’s their unique solutions and approaches that help businesses as it did for us, obtain these excellent and surprising results. Thanks to them we could successfully enter South East Asia. It’s such a pleasure to continue working with them.

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