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Docpulse Marketing Case Study

The KEY to organic traffic and high discoverability – Healthcare SEO/Digital Marketing Case Study

DocPulse’s Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) software helps healthcare businesses provide superior healthcare delivery and patient care with an array of technology-based products and solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Clinic chains, Medical Centers and Doctors. They have established a strong presence in India, Middle East & Africa over a decade. 

However, the client struggled with creating a strong presence online to rank high up in search engine appearances. This gap negatively impacted securing business leads and their conversion too.

They sought our expertise at Kredis Consulting to pull them away from the silent game. It was time to be aggressive and create a strong presence online.


The digital world may get overwhelming for a customer looking for specific help. As a primary step, customers usually turn to search engines for first-level research. Hence highlighting your expertise is crucial so that the right people find you. The client team was significantly lacking in this aspect. The other issues were as below: 

  • Backlog of 300-400 leads

  • Limited outreach by the sales team

  • No mechanism to track the leads

  • Losing traction with low-ranking keywords

  • Ineffective keywords attracting junk leads

  • 40% of leads were irrelevant

We aimed to optimize strategic keywords and generate relevant content; thus creating our best B2B SEO success story.  


Instead of reinventing the wheel, the first step was to make the best of what was already available. We took the initial few steps as below:

Team Kredis pitched in to cover the backlog in terms of contacting leads:

  • Research & strategic placement of relevant keywords

  • Optimization of overall website content

  • Included meta tags for all the web pages

  • Image optimization to ensure all content was in sync 

The next step was off-page optimization:

  • Directory submissions for strengthening online presence

  • Building back-links to drive traffic to the website

  • Fresh line-up of blogs to accommodate long-tail keywords 


The real expertise lies in getting various business processes in one easy flow to ensure maximum results. Further to the on-page optimization, we optimized the website for mobile viewing with minimum loading and response time. 

The CRM system deployed with the client organization gave them no scope to track a lead which often resulted in losing out on potential conversions. Along with a robust SEO strategy, we introduced them to an advanced CRM system that helped them track and manage the leads effectively and automated calling. 


With focused efforts, the client was happy to see quick results within a short span of 3 months: 

  • 200+ keywords were ranking in the top 10

  • The website witnessed organic and consistent traffic

  • 150+ leads generated per month

  • 20% increase in revenue per month

  • Relevant leads

  • Junk leads reduced from 40% to 5-10%

Client Said:


"Kredis Team helped us streamline our sales process by switching to the right CRM tool that had advanced features that helped automate multiple sales processes. This ensured that every lead was maintained in a single system and could be tracked to closure. In addition, management reports could easily be generated for different criteria to monitor the sales progress. We have been working together for a while now and it has been a very pleasant experience."

- Sampath Kuve (Founder Docpulse Technologies)

Team Kredis introduced a process to build a robust prospective sales funnel for a month-on-month consistent revenue. Kredis Consulting is now also entrusted with strategizing and executing end-to-end sales function. 

Get in touch with Kredis today to create your own success story. 

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