Sudarshan dreams leads, and acts on them as well with great conviction. (We call him the Lead Master for a reason). He’s a pro at managing business across varied industry verticals, without breaking into a sweat.


After office hours, Sudarshan heads home, sips on his favourite first flush (dude’s got his quirks), and takes a ‘7-hour power nap’. Post that, he’s ready to ‘lead’ again.


Get the pun?

Sudarshan Patil

Head Lead Generation 

Dhara Shah

Account Manager

Dhara is a mixed bag if there was ever one. An avid traveler, she can be spotted finding her own Zen in music, dancing and pampering her palette with novel gastronomic delights (Foodie, we know; was trying to avoid the cliché).

But with this, you’d only know of her. At her core, Dhara believes in looking every adversity in the eye and conquering it. For her, the only way through life is to take giant strides forward. She also hopes to raise awareness and money for charities so that she can play her part in building a better and more sustainable society.

Nikhat Shaikh

Data Research Team

Passionate and goal-driven, Nikhat brings immense value to the data research team. Clients trust their lives (and deadlines!) with her.



For James, sales is more than just a business function – it is a matchmaking process between prospective leads and their unique requirements. When not bossing around, James is busy following up his teams for clients’ weekly reports.


In his spare time, he’s slam dunking in local basketball tourneys.



Rahul is the engine that propels Kredis forward, day in and day out. He digs everything data, and is an expert at generating invaluable insights and futuristic solutions for clients.


After office shuts, Rahul indulges in a session of basketball with his fellow colleague, James. And boy! Do they both rise to the occasion.

Roshani Patil

Lead Generation Team

When you walk into our office, you are likely to find Roshani sitting in one corner of the office and working away at her system. But you’d be mistaken if you took that for her passivity. Strong-willed and disciplined, Roshani lets her work (she’s an adept multi-tasker!) do all the talking.


When not working, you will find her backpacking to the hills (or the sea!) in search of tranquillity and calm.

Hinal Gajjar

Data Research Team

The youngest titan in the office, Hinal’s sincerity and maturity bely her years. As part of the client research team, Hinal scouts for the right prospects and prepares weekly reports. When not working, you are likely to find Hinal honing her passion and indulge in a session of yoga.

Pallavi Khatri

Data Research Team

In all likelihood, you will find Pallavi working away at her system, showing no sign of urgency. Her composure and demeanor bely the stringent deadlines and numbers that we pile on her. And that is precisely why we trust the calm and collected head on her shoulders.


Be it a complex project that needs churning numbers or deadlines that are a little shy of horrible, Pallavi is the one Kredis banks on – hands down. Plus, she’s an SRK fangirl – all the more reason to endear her to us!


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