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WholeMark Supply Chain Case Study

Wider reach at greater speed for D2C Shipping Experts!

The Client:

Wholemark is an exclusive shipping aggregator platform for D2C brands. In a short span, the platform has managed deliveries to 29000+ pincodes across India making it a promising and fast-growing multichannel shipping service. Best known for their guaranteed ‘within 3-hour delivery’, they are equipped with a robust inventory warehousing network as well.

With a new and compact team on hand, the client was looking for a comprehensive inside sales strategy that would help catapult their presence and reach in a short period of time. They valued Kredis’s knowledge and experience with Supply Chain industry and were onboard with our outreach programs designed to achieve their business goals.

The Action:

Lead Generation: The team used extensive tools and campaigns to generate qualified leads from their existing database and continuous search. The strategy included focused email and calling campaigns to connect with the right stakeholders.

Finding the decision-makers: Our team is known for high accuracy when it comes to identifying and connecting with the actual decision-makers which makes the process faster and smoother. This was achieved with Linkedin campaigns designed specifically to navigate to the right authority.

Collaboration & Nurturing: Team Kredis used automation to nurture the qualified leads from time to time and open up the communication flow so that the client can eventually connect with the potential customers. We also helped with arranging demos for customers that helped close the deals easily.

The Result:

New doesn’t have to be naïve. The greatest value Kredis consulting brought on table was the speed of reach which was crucial for a rather new company on the block. Our team worked tirelessly to generate about 55-60 qualified leads out of which the client was able to close around 9 big brands within first 3 months. This helped the client gain a strong foothold in the rapidly growing supply chain industry.

Icing on the cake? The client immediately sought our expertise for their Digital Marketing process as well which speaks volumes about their trust on us, which is our greatest reward!

Client Said:

“Kredis SCM industry knowledge helped to accelerate the outreach campaign to the Wholemark team and they've helped us in reaching out to the prospect at a rapid pace to which we have bagged many big brands in our kitty in just 3 months.”

-- TESTIMONY BY THE CEO – Srinath Madapathi

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