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Rupyz Fin-Tech Case Study

Catalyzing B2B Success: Transforming Rupyz's Leads Generation with Kredis


Rupyz is a dynamic B2B platform designed to accelerate sales and business growth. Through its integrated SaaS platform, it digitizes sales processes, offering real-time insights. With customized strategies, it boosts conversion rates by up to 200%. provides a B2B digital storefront, streamlines field sales management, and simplifies order processes. It's a one-stop solution that empowers businesses to flourish in the digital marketplace, offering tailored tools for success.

At the start, Rupyz had a fully developed product but lacked a dedicated team – just the founders. That's when they reached out to Kredis to bridge this gap and enter in the market.


Email Campaign:

Upon taking over the project, Kredis initiated lead generation using an email campaign in the initial weeks. The email campaign yielded around 2-3 responses, falling significantly short of the desired outcome. Given Rupyz's focus on engaging small and mid-sized companies within its target industry, the efficacy of the email campaign in generating responses was notably challenging. We swiftly recognized the need to explore alternative approaches for Rupyz, beyond emails. This led us to launch a calling campaign.

Calling & WhatsApp Campaign:

In the calling campaign, our focus was to reach decision-makers within small and mid-sized companies across sectors such as food and beverages, automotive, FMCG and many other industries. We adopted an intensive approach, aiming for approximately 60-70 calls daily. Impressively, within the initial month, we received over 20 positive responses through our calling efforts in just about 15 days.

During the second month, the decision makers at Rupyz and Kredis mutually chose to continue solely with the calling campaign. This decision was driven by the campaign's superior performance compared to the email campaign, aligning well with the intended target audience.

Through the calling campaign in the second month, we obtained over 35 positive responses. Among these, we successfully scheduled more than 15 product demonstrations, resulting in an exceptional conversion ratio of approximately 40-50%.

Additionally, the decision-makers also opted to initiate a WhatsApp campaign to further penetrate the relevant target audience through a more suitable communication channel.

In the WhatsApp campaign, we reached out to 150 contacts daily. These contacts were selected with a focus on the company's product and the specific size of the target audience. Among these contacts, 60 individuals were also engaged through the calling campaign.


In just 2 months, Kredis has been successful in onboarding a lot of potential customers for Rupyz, and this positive trend is ongoing. As we navigate through the third month, we're already halfway in, and we've successfully arranged 10 demo meetings for Rupyz. With our current pace, we are confident in achieving our goal of approximately 25 meetings by the end of this month.

Client Said:

Team Kredis proved me wrong on my apprehension that Calling & Inside sales activity do not work for our targeted audience that is SMEs of India. Kredis is a great team to bank on when it comes to inside sales and generate leads. A highly professional team who is very agile and receptive in their approach.  Open to share the success insights & even welcomed our suggestion whenever it was the case. They could be life line for start ups, especially if you are into B2B of Mid corporate space, Kredis is the team to rely on.


Feel free to get in touch with Kredis through the below button, if you're aiming for a comparable positive outcome for your own company!

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