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HyperVerge Fintech Case Study

Unlocking Market Potential: HyperVerge's Lead Generation Journey with Kredis


Hyperverge is a technology company specializing in artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions. Hyperverge offers a range of products, including facial recognition, video KYC, identity verification, document processing, and image analysis tools. They cater to various industries, such as finance, healthcare, and retail, helping businesses automate processes and enhance security.

In April 2021, Hyperverge approached Kredis for lead generation services for their products like EKYC, digital onboarding and verification. Their primary target market was Indian Banking and Financial Services providers.


We initiated our lead generation process with a focus on their specific target audience. For the initial six months, we consistently met and exceeded their goal of securing 6-7 qualified leads each month through email campaign. After this period, they internally decided to make adjustments in their product to make it more user-friendly for international markets beyond India, which led us to temporarily pause our activities.

In July 2022, they re-engaged us with a revised target audience: India and the Philippines. Over approximately two months, we effectively delivered the desired lead volumes. Thereafter, they opted to concentrate solely on the Philippine market. Despite the notably small size of the Philippines market compared to other regions, we consistently secured 4-5 leads every month.

In addition to this campaign, we also conducted a separate one-month campaign focused on scheduling in-person meetings in the Philippines. During this period, we successfully arranged 4-5 sessions.


Throughout our collaboration, we consistently delivered qualified leads, adapted to changing market dynamics, and successfully facilitated in-person meetings. Whether in India, the Philippines, or other regions, our efforts contributed to expanding Hyperverge's reach and business prospects, ultimately enhancing its market presence and growth potential.


We have been working with Kredis for the past 6 months in the South East Asian market, it has been a pleasure to work with them. The team is very responsive, knowledgeable about email marketing, results-oriented, and is very understanding & fair to work with. They have consistently delivered outstanding results. I am extremely pleased with their services and have partnered with them to expand our footprints in new regions.

- Navein Ramesh (Head of Demand Generation) HYPERVERGE

Our collaboration with HyperVerge yielded significant success. To explore a similar experience and unlimited business opportunities, feel free to contact us!

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