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GumStack WhatsApp Automation Case Study

Kredis Empowers Gumstack's Whatsapp Automation Market Entry

The client:

Gumstack, an ambitious team in the tech industry, had been working on a project aimed at revolutionizing the way people can use Whatsapp for business. Their product,, is a WhatsApp marketing automation tool that fuels growth and automates customer interactions, send campaigns and track conversions in one easy-to-use platform. Despite their technical expertise and dedication, Gumstack lacked an in-house team capable of introducing the product in the market.

The action:

Amidst planning their Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy, Gumstack recognized Kredis' potential which specializes in market discovery, product positioning, and lead generation. Kredis stepped in as their strategic partner, leveraging expertise in ICP (Ideal Customer Profiling), market fitment and structuring their overall outbound lead generation process.

Beginning in December'23, the initial focus was on understanding the Indian lending landscape, identifying ideal customer profiles, and devising tailored outreach strategies. Through a blend of email campaigns and targeted calling efforts, Kredis carefully pursued prospects within the lending sector.

The Result:

By partnering with Kredis, now has a steady stream of 4-5 qualified leads every month. The impact of Kredis' support was tangible and immediate. Gumstack found themselves connected with prominent brands like Aditya Birla, which clearly showed a big step forward in making successful in the market.

The carefully curated leads provided by Kredis not only showcased the product's relevance but also laid the groundwork for meaningful partnerships and business opportunities.


“I appreciate your efforts to take Peach to market through the outreach services you offer. It has been great working with you and the team at Kredis. Your outreach, especially in the financial services industry, has been excellent. We'll continue to rely on your team with our outbound efforts.”

- Suresh Harikrishnan, Founder & CEO, Gumstack

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