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GeoIQ Location Intelligence Platform Case Study

Transforming Leads to Success: Kredis-Geoiq Partnership Journey in Geospatial Intelligence and Beyond


GeoIQ is a high-tech company that uses smart technology to help businesses understand locations better. They focus on studying maps and spatial data to give useful information. helps companies make smart choices and improve their plans by showing them clear patterns on maps. They use intelligent solutions to make geography easy to understand and use, helping organizations take better decisions.

In January 2023, GeoIQ's team faced challenges in managing both - generating leads and closing deals, which led them to seek a partner for lead generation. They decided to explore partners so that they could focus more on turning leads into customers. That's when they reached out to Kredis for striking a balance and streamlining their focus on closing deals effectively.

Geoiq approached Kredis for lead generation services of their products like Address Quality API initially and Retail IQ later. Their primary target market was Indian Banking and Financial Services providers for Address Quality API. Whereas for Retail IQ, the target market was Retail companies, franchises, and online D2C companies for the later.


Once on boarded, Team Kredis collaborated closely with Team GeoIQ to make their lead generation campaign work smoothly. Before making the campaign live, we conducted routine spam tests, ensured email hygiene, worked on various email templates, and changed various subject lines to run a successful campaign for Team GeoIQ. Our goal was to fine-tune every aspect of the email and LinkedIn campaign for maximum effectiveness.

After working out on all the pre-requisites required to run a successful lead generation campaign, we made the new product’s campaign live. Through LinkedIn and email campaigns, Kredis precisely targeted RetailIQ's audience, covering retail companies, and online D2C companies ensuring 5-7 high-quality meetings monthly. We focused on creating a strong nurturing funnel where we ensured that the team is also working aggressively on follow-ups through email and warm calling. All these strategies, together, proved transformative, aligning Kredis with's vision and goals.


By strategically adapting to RetailIQ's market, Kredis not only met but exceeded the monthly meeting target by delivering highly qualified meetings on a monthly basis. The partnership continues to thrive, with Kredis supporting in achieving business goals effortlessly.


"Kredis has proven to be a valuable business development partner for GeoIQ. Their adeptness at scheduling meetings and customizing communication across industries has greatly contributed to our outbound strategy. We appreciate their dedication and adaptability, which have played a significant role in building new connections in the fintech and retail space."

- Devashish (Chief Executive Officer, CEO)

The success story highlights Kredis' agility and effectiveness in navigating evolving product landscapes, contributing to's continued success in the competitive geospatial intelligence market.

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