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Fintellix Fintech Case Study

Elevating Fintellix's Global Outreach Through Strategic Collaboration

The client:

Fintellix is a leading financial technology company, specializing in providing innovative solutions for risk, compliance, and finance. With a focus on data analytics and regulatory reporting, Fintellix empowers financial institutions to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Fintellix approached Kredis in October 2022 with a challenge – they were looking for a partner to structure their outbound lead generation process. They recognized the need for a more organized approach to tap into potential opportunities primarily focusing on India and the APAC region.

The action:

Kredis initiated a comprehensive outbound campaign, implementing strategic changes like timely content adjustments and refining points of contact (POCs), A/B testing, etc. This dynamic approach resulted in consistent monthly delivery of high-quality leads in India and APAC.

Recognizing the success, Fintellix expanded the project, trusting Kredis with international markets such as the Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and more. Team Fintellix connected us with their country heads and with their assistance of how local markets work, we created a more personalized campaign for those niche regions.

The collaboration focused on continuous improvement, with Kredis adapting strategies to ensure a steady improvement in lead quality. Transparent communication with Fintellix also streamlined a collaborative approach to refining the outbound strategy.

The Result:

The partnership yielded impressive results for Fintellix. Kredis consistently met monthly targets, delivering high-quality leads. Fintellix has been successful in converting leads into closures, while many are progressed to advanced stages, nearing closure.


I want to take this opportunity to thank Kredis team for the good work on ground to help us work and close on deals. I would specially want to thank their account managers for continuous support and hard work in the India market which has provided us multiple leads in the last 6 months. Really appreciate their performance and dedication!

-Sakya Dasgupta, Vice President, Fintellix

The case showcases the success of a strategic and collaborative approach in outbound lead generation, highlighting Kredis's adaptability to market dynamics and the creation of personalized campaigns for diverse international markets. The results serve as proof of how well the partnership contributed to achieving concrete business results for Fintellix.

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