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DPDzero Fintech Case Study

Enabling a World-Class Borrower Data Platform to Create a Strong Market Presence

The Client:

DPDzero offers an automation module that enables lenders to analyze repayment behavior, segment borrowers based on risk profile and engage with them across multiple channels to drive collections with intelligence. The solution automates the entire lending operation on a single platform while optimizing the collection cost for lenders across market sizes.

Taking Charge:

At the time of inception, DPDzero was ready to enter the market with best-in-industry solutions, but did not have any plans on how would they be going around without a robust sales team which could bridge this gap between the product and the market. At that time, the client approached Kredis to take charge and work as one unit to create a powerful market presence for DPDzero.

Our team pitched in and understood the client’s products, target audience and intended geographies to chart out an execution plan in alignment with the client’s business goals.

The Action:

Our team created an all-rounded inside-sales strategy to reach out to the precise target audience by understanding the product offering thoroughly. We at Kredis used advanced technologies to generate accurate leads in minimum time period for quick results.

To boost the existing solution, Kredis connected the client to the most trustworthy financial institutions like banks, other NBFCs and FinTech lenders focusing on gold loans, personal loans, vehicle loans and other consumer loans. The said institutions are known to be traditionally multi-collection channels that would immensely benefit from a solution that centralizes data collection and management.

We employed a multi-channel business generation method as below:

  • We identified the right organizations and sent out personalized and structured emails to the stakeholders; ensuring we don’t end up as spam using various advanced softwares. The emails intended to share required information and invoke responses.

  • We value the time of our prospects as much as ours and firmly believe in the power of first impressions. Therefore, instead of using the traditional approach of cold-calling prospects, we use warm calling technique and contacted those prospects who responded to our email campaign with a positive note.

  • LinkedIn campaigns require genuine expertise to navigate across unfruitful engagement. Team Kredis worked their way up to the correct connections and found the real customers making it a cost-efficient and time-saving endeavor. 

Team Kredis engaged with the generated leads as the first level of connection and introduced the solution. We ensured only the leads that were qualified and interested in the offer were handed over to the client.

The Result:

Focused efforts are bound to bring about long-lasting results. With a comprehensive strategy, Kredis organized meetings with more than 30 qualified leads, out of which we ensured at least 5 meetings resulted in definite business for the client. This impressive feat was achieved in a short span of 3 months which brought the spotlight on the client company for a successful future run.

Looking for a magic wand to reach the correct audience? Connect with Kredis now!

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