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How TAS is changing game in Sales process?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Targeted Account Selling (TAS)

What comes as an interesting fact is that over 85% of marketers keeping track of Return on Investment (ROI) said that Account Based Selling literally outperforms other marketing methodologies. Account Based Selling is an innovative sales technique which is garnering limelight as we speak. Do you know 2 out of every 3 marketers end-up identifying key decision makers as their a prime challenge? Sales reps today are expected to outperform the market by 50% more through social selling.

Target Account Selling is more like a new and evolving space which deals with stressing-upon selling at the account level instead of lead level. Over 80% of the companies today believe that TAS is crucial to B2B marketing, TAS is also providing users with higher ROI. Now, when we talk about selling at an account level, it is required to identify key accounts, learn almost everything about them and then further target the accounts with sales communications in a consistent manner. Thus, in the end, there are higher chances that you achieve a higher customer conversion rate.

In other words, Target Account Selling (TAS) can be your pick to reduce selling cycles as well as achieve innovative business value with your loyal customers. Further, you can also optimize the productivity of new employees by helping them boost sales. What comes as a fascinating fact is that companies following TAS have already unlocked over 208% more revenue from the marketing. In TAS, one should have a clear view about the relationship strategies, one should also know how to scrutinize the opportunities. Selection of target accounts is a crucial job. It can be done by picking the accounts having the same denominator. Sales reps can also be leveraged for account selection process.

As a matter of fact, account based selling requires a synchronized and collaborated effort amidst customer success, sales and marketing altogether. Rather than ordinary or traditional quantity approach, efforts can be put in optimizing the quality of communication and relationship on the sales front. Further support is provided by marketing through research, nurture campaigns as well as sales collateral. One should also understand that targetted account marketing can only be effective when the sales reps are actually picking high-quality target accounts. Taking care of quality over quantity is what is achieved by targetting account selling. 

Time and resources are thoroughly saved with TAS. How? Well, you certainly wouldn’t want to waste your time reaching out to anyone and everyone to see whether they need help? You can always put yourself in a better spot and can only think of reaching out to people who probably can be benefitted from the research done. Let’s move forward and know about an ideal process that can be followed for account-based sales/marketing.

  • One must understand whom to target and how?

  • Mark a certain number of accounts every week and further update them frequently. This step involves making use of research in determining that why are you actually reaching out to them?

  • Further, you can filter out the individuals in the account that must know about what you’re selling. This can be done by putting every contact into the CRM associated with the account.

  • Now that you know which accounts can be targeted and how you can start figuring out what you want to market them? Should people under the target accounts be marketed by persona, territory, industry or title?

  • Tracking the success of your target account selling is crucial as well, this can help you determine whether there were new opportunities generated by marketing, how marketing helped you closing a deal etc.

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