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Credible online presence resulting in business growth

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Financial Technology is the innovative disruption in the conventional financial markets which is trying to bring in the best of both worlds. Financial Technology, popularly known as fintech, features like machine learning and predictive analytics are helping in a big way to monitor and understand consumer behavior and preferences. This has also led to data-backed decision making that is amplifying growth and mitigating risks for banks, financial start-ups and small-scale businesses alike. 

At this nascent juncture, fintech experts are looking for a sturdy ground for reaching out to newer avenues. It goes without saying, nothing boosts technology as technology itself does and depends on robust internal planning and technology-backed sales for gradual and sustainable expansion.

In-focus is a Singapore-based enterprise offering innovative solutions for sustainable regulatory compliance, optimizing efficiency and risk-reduction in financial processes with Anti-money Laundering, Reconciliation and Predictive Analytics as its primary offerings.

Recognized widely for its innovative solutions, the company has been the winner of MAS-2016 FinTech award and has received accreditation at SGD in 2017 with presence in US, Singapore and India.


The young organization despite being armed with an experienced team and best-in-industry expertise fell short of expanding their reach. The organization banked heavily on inside sales and looked for breakthrough opportunities. They sought Kredis to engage in sales enablement and reach expansion.

A deeper examination revealed the company lacked digital presence and rather suffered an antagonistic online reputation. Losing out on prospects was a direct upshot along with preserving the already acquired accounts.


  • 100% Improved Online Reputation

A detrimental review is more harmful than an absent one. Kredis worked upon improvising customer interaction and attracting encouraging reviews. This helped the organization leverage positive customer experiences and achieved 100% improvement in Online Reputation which paved way for stronger online presence.

  • Competitive Web Presence

With the extent of technology-intervention in consumption practices, an all-round digital presence is inevitable to be available to various segments of customers which also gives an inkling into their preferences and engagement levels. Kredis executed a well-designed Digital marketing campaign to create and build upon the organization’s presence across all digital platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Business & consumer forums and restructured corporate website design and content to maximize the impact and reach.

  • Organizational Strength

A corollary of enhanced perception and repute is drawing efficient resource base. The organization became had a 50+ strong team and 200% increased user-base by the end of the first 3-month project period.

  • Expanding Reach

A rapid progress in terms of presence, effective marketing and calculated reach took the organization to newer geographies. From Singapore and India, the organization also expanded to US while engagement in ANZ region is lined up.

What began as a timed engagement for lead generation and capacitating the sales team went on to become a strategic partnership for online reputation management and revamping sales practices with defined goals.

Kredis has been awarded four parallel projects with the organization’s reach expanding to US and ANZ Region.

  • Corporate Digital Marketing

  • Targeted Database & Inside Sales – APAC Region

  • Inside Sales – US Region

  • Inside Sales – ANZ Region

About Us: 

Kredis specializes in Lead Generation and Digital Marketing which envelops entire sales process in a wholesome way. Right from strengthening the branding to enhancing market presence, Kredis engages with Businesses that are looking to expand their reach or seeking opportunities in existing and new geographies.

With a focus on B2B engagements, we also offer technology partnerships, bid management and content management for our customers spread across product and service segments.

We believe in enabling with experience and engaging with our expertise!

To know more email us at

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