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3 Things Not To Do In B2B Sales

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

People associated with Business to Business (B2B) sales would agree on the fact that closing deals with powerful as well as successful prospects can be cumbersome at times. One of the prime reasons why Business to Business sales is so complicated is the fact that the domain involves many blind spots which can literally ambush your sales deals. Prospects in B2B selling can be demanding, they can be pushy which leads to higher stakes for you and the company. However, the most challenging B2B prospects can be won over provided that you avoid the below-mentioned three blunders.

1. Single Option Proposals:

Have you made it to the B2B sales situation? Well, that’s great! Now, one should make sure that they don’t ruin the whole process of sale by a poorly conceived, single option proposal. In other terms, when you reach out to your prospect, it’s of utmost importance to provide them with at least three diverse options in every single proposal. You can consider presenting them with an inexpensive pick for the starters, followed by something pricy and then the premium option. Why? Well, when you offer more options to your prospects, they’re encouraged to think & make a decision. But, when you go in there with a single option proposal, your prospects are encouraged to shop around for more options.

2. Avoiding In-Person Meetings:

You certainly want the customer to trust your brand and invest a lot in your product/service, right? What really hampers the sales process of an enterprise is the fact that the salespeople tend to avoid face-to-face meetings and restrict sales process communication to emails and phone calls alone. It doesn’t necessarily mean to fly down to your lead’s location and start pitching. You can boost your sales efforts by providing an integrated customer experience. This can be done through mediums such as live chat agents, product marketers at events, social media pages, website interactions, online ads and of course, meeting them in person whenever relevant.

3. Not Gathering Enough Intel:

One of the worst blunders salespeople do in Business to Business sales world is not asking enough questions from the prospects. When you don’t know about their company’s goals, frustrations, challenges, down-points, then how will you be able to craft a compelling solution for them? One should always strive to ask deep-dive questions to get concise insights about what the prospect is dealing with & how you can aid them. In short, you must know bits and pieces about what’s happening in your prospect’s business. Start by asking the biggest challenge the company is facing at the moment, know about how the challenge is costing them etc. Well, in the end, you’d end up with tons of information about how you can solve prospect’s challenges.

In a nutshell, you will definitely find yourself in a desperate situation in the domain of sales. Never allow your customers to feel the desperation in the air as it gives them a valid reason to reject the proposal, engage with your competitors and doubt whatever you’re pitching them.

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