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Indian achiever's award for emerging company !

Kredis Admin

31 Jan 2022

One platform for all the customized digital marketing and inside sales solution to help B2B businesses and reach their goals effortlessly

Established in the year 2017, KREDIS is an inside sales lead generation firm. Since the time of its inception, Kredis has always believed in building robust lead engines for its customers. In fact, in the initial years, the organization’s focus verticals were Fintech, Supply chain Tech, E-commerce and Health tech.

The organization offers curated, customized digital marketing and inside sales solution help B2B businesses increase website traffic, reach out to a broader audience, drive sales, and meet engagement goals effortlessly. Inside sales is the process of identifying, nurturing, and, subsequently, converting leads to customers; everything is done remotely. In recent times, inside sales has gained in prominence, particularly across high-value industries where customers have become more comfortable collaborating and buying remotely. KREDIS has grown at a rate of 100% YOY in the last three years. Specially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization could serve more of its clients through driving remote sales processes. Their expertise in the ASEAN region has accelerated the go-to-market process for their customers.

The organization’s continued focus on Fintech and Supply chain domains makes their position unique, compared to their competitors. The data intelligence services being provided are special with vertical-specific data points like loan book size for Fintech to order volumes for supply chain and e-commerce.

KREDIS uses open-source intelligence to gather multiple data points for their target industries. Finvolv, Hyperverge, Tookitaki, Locus, Mojro, and Increff are some of the marque clients who have seen Kredis delivering continuous value to them.”

KREDIS, as an organization, intends to grow as a one-stop solution in helping Indian SAAS players in exploring international markets. They further believe that, the index of happy customers remains the key criteria for measuring success. And for any organization, recognition gives motivation. In this regard, the co-founders and partners of KREDIS Consulting LLP, James Joseph, and Rahul Tejwani, are humbled to receive the Emerging Company of The Year 2021 award by the Indian Achievers’ Forum on behalf of the KREDIS Consulting team.

Source: Kredis

Categories: Information Technology

Tags: B2B lead generation, Cold calling, Lead generation, Sales leads database, Targeted Marketing database, Virtual Sales Assistant

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