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Fostering Growth of Fintech and Supply-Chain Startups

Kredis Admin

12 Feb 2020

Offering digital marketing and inside sales solutions for Fintech and logistics startups, Kredis has been helping them grow their businesses since 2017.

Kredis, one of the leading digital marketing companies in India, has been helping the Fintech and supply-chain startups grow their business for more than three years now. The company offers inside sales and digital marketing solutions for B2B businesses, thereby helping them to meet their revenue targets efficiently.​

How did it start?

After a decade of experience of working with leading MNCs and IT firms, James Joseph and Rahul Tejwani started ‘Kredis’ in January 2017. Here’s how the company has progressed since then:

  • 2017 – Kredis acquired its first client

Kredis acquired its first client in 2017 in the form of a prominent startup that decided to outsource its inside sales division and ended up with four more clients by the end of the year.

  • 2018 – Started offering digital marketing services

Initially, Kredis offered only inside sales solutions but in 2018, it added digital marketing services to its suite of offerings. During this year, the company’s client base swelled rapidly and revenues got doubled.

  • 2019 – And it kept on growing

2019 proved to be a landmark year for Kredis. Their digital marketing team expanded swiftly and the company started gathering a lot of positive feedback from a core of happy customers.

After having served some of the leading start-ups in the field of BFSI, supply-chain, fashion, and warehouse management, Kredis boasts of a robust client portfolio coming into 2020.

Details of the services offered

Kredis offers inside sales services for Fintech and logistics-based start-ups with the objective of helping them to identify and nurture leads for their sales team.

Additionally, the company offers a range of digital marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), social media ad-campaigns, online reputation management (ORM), and development of web and mobile applications.

How is it helping the startups to grow

  • Creation of digital identity

Kredis assists small businesses to enhance their online presence through digital marketing campaigns. The content is then designed in such a way that it not only educates the reader about the company but also propels them to initiate an action, resulting in more sales.

  • ​Increase in-bound lead generation

Kredis helps businesses to expedite their inbound lead generation process by understanding their target group and creating an appropriate digital advertising strategy.

  • Online reputation management

Kredis has an efficient team for online reputation management of its clients. This helps the businesses improve their online ratings and reviews, essential to gaining the trust of their prospective customers.

Contact Information

So, if you’re a startup operating in the domain of finance, tech, or logistics, you need not look any further to expand your footprint. For all your digital marketing and in-sales requirements, get in touch with Kredis by writing to them at Click here for more details about the organization and its services.

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