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Sales pack

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Sales NINJa

Sales Master

Sales Zen

  • Build a universe of unique companies

  • Map point of contacts for each company

  • Data enrichment with details like revenue, last funding, team size etc

  • Maintaining and adding database in CRM

  • Access to Data Engineer

  • 95% accuracy (beyond that, data will be replaced by us)

  • Data available on .CSV or .xls format

  • Weekly and monthly reporting on data excercise.

  • Activities of sales Ninja included 

  • A focused ABM outreach approach

  • Driving monthly outreach campaign for 100 unique approved accounts

  • Targeting monthly 600 unique points of contacts

  • Domain monitoring and email inbox placement 

  • Email content and sequencing, workflow setup in CRM

  • Running personalized email and LinkedIn campaign

  • Managing response, nurturing positive responses.

  • Qualifying leads and managing sales team calendar

  • Access to Account Manager, Content Marketer, database engineer

  • Weekly and monthly reporting.

  • Activities of Sales Master included

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • SEO, SCM, Monthly content creation

  • Slack integration

  • On alternate days sync up a call with the sales team

  • Real-time update on in-bound and out-bound campaign

  • Managing and updating the sales funnel in CRM

  • Qualifying all inbound leads and set up a demo for sales

  • Calling campaign

  • Post demo follow up

  • Access to the content marketer, database engineer

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